Hospital Floor Renovation

VA Sacramento Medical Center
Sacramento, CA

This hospital floor renovation provides patients and their families with many opportunities to comfortably discuss their medical care with the care team.

Each patient room has an inviting family seating area. Family members can be a great source of information for the care team, helping to gauge how the patient truly feels and alerting the staff if something is amiss.

The Great Room, with its open-plan living/dining/kitchen, encourages patients to get out of bed, walk around and interact with people. Patients and families can gather for meals, watch sports on television, or chat over a cup of coffee.

Each nurse has a nearby work area with a Pyxis medication dispensing system plus clean/soiled storage, allowing for more time spent with their patients. The nurse/doctor/pharmacist teams meet at small conference tables. Conference rooms are distributed throughout the floor.

The renovation includes 25 single patient rooms and 35 larger rooms which accommodate two beds. Supplies and medications are distributed throughout the floor, closer to patient rooms. 5 patient rooms provide negative-pressure isolation and all rooms are set up for hemodialysis.