Does your business look accessible from Google Earth? Litigation may lay at your doorstep if it doesn’t.

How does your clinic, hospital, store or other public accommodation look from Google Earth, other internet sites or even a passing automobile? Have you ever heard of a Google Lawsuit or a Drive-By Lawsuit? It may sound controversial but there’s a new trend where individuals either drive by or simply use Google Earth, Street View or other image-based maps to scan businesses for appropriate compliance – all from the comfort of their cars or web browsers.

60 Minutes did a report about this in December, you can watch it here.

To help avoid litigation, confirm you look accessible. Not sure what the current compliance standards are? Give us a call, we’re accessibility experts. Call us at 415 989-6400 or visit

Mike Hilliard is a co-founder and principal of Hilliard Architects. He has been practicing architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1976. Mike is Hilliard Architects’ lead project architect, designer and medical planner. He is a CASp accessibility specialist, building codes expert and has extensive diagnostic experience. As a puzzle-solver extraordinaire and our resident building scientist, Mike brings technical excellence to design.