The BIM Advantage

Building Information Modeling or BIM software is used to create building projects. Utilized during every stage from design to planning and through construction, BIM manages a well-integrated plan resulting in significant time and cost savings to our clients:

  • Ahead of the construction phase, clients can “walk through” the project via 3D modeling
  • The entire plan is shared by all contractors and disciplines which decreases changes and conflicts
  • Using one program reduces errors and omissions in construction documents
  • BIM offers the ability to closely monitor the progress of the project without being on-site

Hilliard Architects is a 100% BIM firm. We use the industry-leading Revit software by Autodesk.

Hilliard Architects designed the office of Lieberman Productions using Revit software. BIM renderings enable the viewer to experience the space including finishes, light quality and the custom-designed work stations.