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  • Pinole Fire Station #74

  • Hospital Floor Renovation

  • Lycée Français Library

  • Lycée Français Laboratory

We approach our architectural design work with our commitment to great projects brought to life through great working relationships. Hilliard Architects is proud to bring your vision to healthcare architecture, community architecture, building science, accessibility projects and more.

“All great designs have an appropriate balance and harmony of aesthetic beauty, reliability and safety, usability, cost, and functionality.” Donald A. Freeman, The Design of Everyday Things

We are problem solvers. When it comes to architectural design, we invite collaboration, innovation and problem solving by listening and asking questions. We use our building science background to compliment our architectural skills, so your project not only looks good, it’s built well.

We love what we do. Design is creativity with a goal. We use our passion and experience to develop new ideas and design solutions that meet these goals. We’re eager to make it better, even on a tight budget. Sometimes this means trying new things and it always means making sure things are done right.