Those controversial all-gender bathroom signs are officially law.

On March 1, 2017 OSHPD will enforce the controversial All-Gender Single-User Toilet Facilities legislation for new and existing facilities. All places of public accommodation which includes healthcare facilities need to change signs on single occupancy toilet room doors.

Here’s what the new sign looks like:

Healthcare facilities need to budget money for replacing and removing single-occupancy toilet room signs.

If there are signs on adjacent walls designating specific sex for the single occupancy toilet room, they need to be removed and not replaced (not required by California Building Code nor 2010 ADA) or replaced with a non-specific sex toilet room sign such as “RESTROOM”  or  “ALL-GENDER RESTROOM”. Learn more about it with the DSA document at this link.

Refer to the current California Building Code for specific measurements for the new sign – or give us a call. We’re accessibility experts! Give us a call at 415 989-6400 or visit

Mike Hilliard is a co-founder and principal of Hilliard Architects. He has been practicing architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1976. Mike is the lead project architect, designer and a medical planner. He is a CASp accessibility specialist, building codes expert and has extensive diagnostic experience. As a puzzle-solver extraordinaire and our resident building scientist, Mike brings technical excellence to design.