Sustainably Designed Office

San Francisco, CA
1400 sq ft

A former art gallery was transformed into a combination working studio and exhibit space.

The contemporary design is sustainable, melding perfectly with the historic mixed-use building.

Walls act as a fresh canvas for showcasing art pieces; the office doubles as a small art gallery which is open to the public.

This project features eco-friendly, renewable materials:

  • Translucent 3form recycled Ecoresin panels
  • Sustainably manufactured Shaw carpet tiles
  • Window blinds from recycled materials
  • Shelving using steel repurposed from Los Alamos National Labs
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints

The cabinetry, created by San Francisco-based factory 1 design, is fashioned from beautifully grained plyboo.

Bamboo plywood is a rapidly renewable natural resource created using formeldehyde-free adhesives.