Multi-Family Housing | Building communities with ideas.

“I have worked with Hilliard Architects for over 10 years and they have displayed strong knowledge and talent in both architecture and with the compliance of all HUD requirements. Their performance was very good and they represented the mission of HUD in the most positive way. I would recommend that you consider the services for your Housing Construction Projects.”

Lee Wm. Bartok
Bartok Consulting

Hilliard Architects works on a variety of multi-family housing projects. The demands for multi-family housing have increased in recent years, especially in Northern California where home prices have exploded. Our team designs new multi-family housing that meets a diverse set of needs and lifestyles. We also renovate and rehabilitate existing housing to sustainably ensure that those homes continue to provide for their residents and communities, for years to come.

Highlights from our recent multi-family architecture projects:

  • Building more affordable workforce housing in places like Davis and a beautiful bayside location in Vallejo, so that people like teachers and firefighters can afford to live nearby.
  • Hosting group and one-on-one outreach meetings with potential homeowners and nearby residents, and then using that collaborative information to successfully win a contract when several others had failed. It pays to talk to the neighbors.
  • Working with several older apartment facilities to sustainably update and renovate the existing units so that residents and neighbors are proud to have them in the neighborhood.
  • A 275-unit facelift for a San Francisco complex. We all need a little help as we age, no one’s judging! What made this project unique is that we did it with a tight budget that put our problem-solving skills into high gear.