Have concerns about your building’s exterior? Not sure how to inspect it? Hilliard Architects brought in a drone.

When a unique 50-year-old building on Mare Island began showing signs of exterior concrete degradation, the building manager needed to find out where it was happening and how bad the damage was. Using the traditional method of having investigators hang from harnesses is dangerous, costly, and could take weeks. Plus, it runs the risk of causing more damage by having them rappelling the exterior of an already weakened concrete shell.

They asked Hilliard Architects for help. Hilliard flew in the face of convention and brought in a drone.

Using a professionally operated, remote-controlled drone, the team captured video of the entire building surface and used it to create a visual map and index of damaged areas. All from the comfort and safety of the ground.

Hilliard Architects loves to solve problems. We combine innovation and teamwork with our forensic architecture and building science background to solve problems everyday. Saving our clients valuable time and money.

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