San Francisco Accessible Business Entrance (ABE) Program

Ordinance No. 51-16 is mandatory, requiring all entries into San Francisco businesses / public accommodations to be accessible.

Step 1: Is your building exempt?

There are 4 exemptions to Ordinance No. 51-16:

  1. The building was originally constructed with a permit application dated on or after 2002.
  2. The building or business is owned and operated by a recognized religious organization.
  3. The building or business is a “bona fide” private club.
  4. All of the businesses contained in the structure are not “public accommodations” thus the structure is not “a place of public accommodation.”


Step 2: If your building is NOT exempt, engage the services of Mike Hilliard, Certified Access Specialist (CASp) and California-licensed architect.

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Hilliard Architects Disability Access Services

A. Mike Hilliard, CASp, will:

  1. Visit and inspect your property.
  2. Digitally photograph an unobstructed street view of the primary entry or entries.
  3. Complete and sign the “Compliance Affidavit, Mandatory Disability Access Improvement Program, CATEGORY CHECKLIST COMPLIANCE FORM.”
  4. Mail the signed original CATEGORY CHECKLIST COMPLIANCE FORM to you.
  5. You will then sign the Compliance Form and email or mail it to the DBI.

B. Schedule:

Mike Hilliard will visit the property within 5 days of receipt of signed contract and initial payment. The completed CATEGORY CHECKLIST COMPLIANCE FORM will be mailed to you no later than 10 days after property inspection.

Call us about the Accessible Business Entrance program:  415-989-6400