Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Grill Out This Weekend

Ribs “Pig Candy” Ribs Tuscan Ribs Dragon Ribs You guessed it, more Ribs We’re grateful we live in a country where we’re free to enjoy so many things. Including, of course, BBQ. This Memorial Day weekend we also want to pay our sincere respects to those who’ve given their lives in defense of our country. […]

Image of a well designed hospital floor that was designed using lean design

A Well-Designed Hospital Comes From a Lean Process

What comes to mind when you hear the words “well-designed”? Perhaps it’s a car, a website, a smartphone or even a good suit. No matter what it is, what is that thing that makes it better than the next? Take a well-designed website as an example. On a well-designed website, you can find what you […]